Saturday, 15 July 2017

MSC Venice port swing for Felixstowe Berth 9 14th July 2017

Msc Venice arrives to Felixtowe with a draft of 10.6 metres from her last port of Wilhemshaven, Germany.

When the pilot left the harbour on an outbound pilot launch a crane on Felixstowe berth 9 was still boomed down broken. Engineers had been working hard to fix the problem as soon as the Maribo had vacated the berth.

Once onboard the MSC Venice the pilot radios Harwich VTS to say they were inbound for Felixstowe berth 9 with a maximum draft of 10.6 metres from Wilhelmshaven. VTS replies that there is a ready berth on Felixstowe 9 planned portside to and the current wind speed and direction which was mostly NW 18 knots. The pilot required 2 tugs for berthing first one at the usal place and the second inside the harbour. He also asked if the crane was still down, it was at present so the pilot said he would swing off the Guard in the middle of the harbour. 

As the Venice was heading inbound the engineers had managed to fix the problem and lifted the boom up. VTS gave the pilot the good news so he changed his plan and swung off the berth instead.

Svitzer Kent headed out from their last job which was the MSC Joy to paddle out to be the first tug and make fast starboard of centre aft. The Svitzer Sky does the same and head out of the harbour. The pilot goes onto channel 12 with the tugs and goes through the plan which was an indirect around the Beach End from Kent then use them as a brake and Sky to meet them inside the harbour to push on the port quarter near the funnel for the swing then make fast centre lead forward for a check as they approach the berth. 

Sky heads back inside the harbour and waits near the Fort Buoy for the MSC Venice to come around the corner.
Safely in the harbour the pilot stops the engine and get the Kent to go full straight astern to kill thye speed for the port swing. Sky in place, the pilot gets them to push full power while the Kent to make their way over to the starboard quarter to take her around.

Due to her being so light she swung around fairly rapidly. The Sky comes away from the ships side to make fast centre lead forward. Once fast they were required to check full so stop the bow heading towards the fenders to quickly. Both tugs hold her back from the NW winds pushing her towards the berth. Steadily she edges alongside and the spring line heaving lines were thrown to the mooring gang waiting to make her fast.

ETD 20:00h Saturday 15th July for Antwerp.

Deano C

Old Pics Of The Port Of Felixstowe Dock Basin

Ultra large Maribo Maersk departs for Malaysia 14th July 2017 / CSCL Pacific Ocean departure from Felixstowe 14th July 2017

Maribo Maersk departs Felixstowe with a draft of 14.9 metres for Tanjong Pelepas, Malaysia.

Leading up to the departure, a crane on the aft of the funnels was having technical problems and was only boomed up a little way. Some how they managed to get the boom down again but couldn't move it or boom it up. The berthing master was trying her best to find a solution but there was only 2 options for the pilot and captain to choose. Either wait for an engineer or depart with it still down. After a quick discussion with the captain he agreed to leave with it down

2 tugs were ordered for departure. Svitzer Deben which had just finished with the CSCL Pacific Ocean so she was the first tug to attend and was made fast centre lead aft. The Svitzer Kent leaves the tug pontoon and makes her way to the Maribo to make fast on the centre lead forward. The crew onboard had a heaving line ready to throw down for the Kent, an attempt was taken but missed by miles so they bought it back aboard and tried again. This time they missed again but the deckhand on the Kent used a pole with a hook on the end and managed to reach it.

Once fast both tugs get pull positions wile the last of the lines were released. Springs released the pilot gets both tugs to pull straight off at 50%, the tugs give off plumes of smoke as the power increases. The pilot then gives a kick astern on both engines giving off a plume of black smoke. Shortly after the pilot gets both tugs to increase to 75% with the Kent up to full power a few minutes later. 

As the bow comes into the channel the pilot comes ahead on the main engines then gets the Kent to slacken and come ahead to let go. The Kent peels off th the Felixstowe side and positions on the portside most aft tug marker as she had got a deep draft.
Svitzer Deben goes ou on the starboard side for a powered indirect at full line load to help the Maribo around the 90deg Beach End turn out of the harbour.

Deano C

CSCL Pacific Ocean sails from Felixstowe bound for Rotterdam with a draft of 12.4 metres. 

After a 30 minute delay cargo operations were complete and the last crane was booming up. 2 tugs was ordered for departure. Both centre leads. As the pilot said he wants one tug at the back and one at the front so the Shotley was aft and the Deben was forward.

Tugs all fast and ready to work the crew begin to single up. The pilot wanted the Shotley to pull aft of the beam to counteract the north westery wind. Once the spring lines were released both tugs went straight on at 50%. Shotley was soon increasing to full power to help the stern come away from the berth. Deben increases to 75% after a while and she begins to edge away from the Maribo Maersk berthed in number 9. The Shotley decreases to 25% then stoped pulling.

The Deben eases up and comes straight ahead to slacken down and be released. Once released the Deben peels off on the felixstowe side and heads fo the next job which was the Maribo Maersk. Shotley is kept around the 90deg Beach End just incase the pilot needed a bit of help.